NBS Inc. educates global minded engineer

as a contribution to the world's industrial society.



Oct. 16, 2014

Recruiting information for new graduates FY 2015

Sep. 19, 2014

Renewed the company web site.

Jun. 01, 2014

Recruiting information for new graduates FY 2015

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Business Activity

Plant Division:

Outsourcing services

  • Engineering specialist

  • Electrical instrumentation design work

  • Procurement

  • Electrical instrumentation Site Work


   Head office  Plant division

    5-10, Narayamachi, Hakata-ku

    Fukuoka City, 812-0023, Japan

    tel: +081-92-263-8833    fax: +081-92-263-8811


   Yokohama office  Plant division

    Yokohama Bld.401A, 3-9, Kaigandori, Naka-ku

    Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 231-0002, Japan

    tel: +081-45-263-8864    fax: +081-45-263-8829

Engineering Division:

Nagasaki Office

  • Plant design (domestic and international)

  • Wind power generator


      5-3 Ryoko Bld.5F, Akunouramachi,

      Nagasaki City, 850-0063, Japan

      tel: +081-95-862-9798     fax: +081-95-862-9795


Takasago Office

  • Plant facilities (domestic and international)

  • Remote monitoring system

  • Engineering Design


      20-12 Choei Bld.3F, Araicho, Ogimachi,

      Takasago City, Hyogo, 676-0016, Japan

      tel: +081-794-44-2310   fax: +081-794-44-2309



About Us

NBS Inc.

Establishment:  June 1985


Capital:  47,250,000 JPY



    Chairman and Representative Director / Hideji Inagami

    Director / Kentaro Murao

    Director / Ken Shimazu


The Number of employees:  81 (as of April 2019)


       Business:  Plant engineering


Sales revenue: 597,900,000 JPY (Mar. 2019/30th term)

                       509,300,000 JPY (May. 2018/29rd term)

                       705,580,000 JPY (Sep. 2017/28nd term)



Electrical engineering /No. 45453 (General-18)

issued by Fukuoka Governor

Temporary personnel business / No.40-010262


Head office:  5-10, Narayamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City,

                         812-0023, Japan

                          Tel:  +081-92-263-8833  

                          Fax: +081-92-263-8811

                          E-mail : info@nbskk.co.jp


District office:  Yokohama, Takasago, Nagasaki 

NBS Inc.

 representative director

Hideji inagami


Jun. 1985     Established New Business Service Inc.

 Jul. 1991      Opened Tokyo Office  Estimation division

Nov. 1992    Opened Nagasaki Office, Nagasaki Pref.

Nov. 1993    Opened Himeji Office, Hyogo Pref.

Oct. 1996     Changed the company name to NBS Inc.

Aug.1997      Opened Takasago Office, Hyogo Pref.

Nov. 1997    Opened Information System division

Mar. 1998    Entered into security business

Apr. 1998     Formed a business tie-up with SoftBnak Corp.

Jun. 2002     Contracted Master Distributing System

                   with ISS KK company

Nov. 2002    Opened the training center recognized

                    by ISS KK company

Dec. 2002    Formed a business tie-up with Asgent,

                    Inc. implementing security policy framework

Apr. 2003     Arranged a course “Network Security”

                   at SATO GAKUEN school

May 2003    Formed a partnership with Keyware Kyushu Inc.

Oct. 2004    Made an Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA)

                   with Strix Systems Inc. U.S.

Aug. 2005    Introduced Managed Protection Service

                   for SMB (Remote control system)

Jan. 2006     Moved Head office to Hakata ward Fukuoka

Nov. 2007    Moved Tokyo office to Chiyoda ward Tokyo

Sep. 2008    Contracted with IBM Japan

                   as a business partner

Mar. 2011     Moved Tokyo office to Chuo ward Tokyo

Mar. 2012     Withdrawal from information security business

 Jan. 2013     Opened Yokohama Office, Kanagawa Pref.




Career opportunities for new graduates FY 2021 / Mid-career

Job vacancies/Location:

Qualified major: Faculty of Engineering

  • Electrical/instrumentation work: Design work, procurement and execution management used in various plant constructions

  • IT: System architecture, programming, and 3DCAD applied to various plant constructions.


Place of work:

   Kanagawa pref./ Nagasaki pref./ Hyogo pref.



  • Those who are expected to graduate from their universities/KOSEN or complete the master’s degree at their schools in FY2014/2015.

  • Those who graduated from their schools already in FY2014, then being abroad on a WORKING HOLIDAY VISA

  • Those who graduated from their schools in FY 2014, then able to participate in the training on a WORKING HOLIDAY VISA.


“ASPIRATION“ is our value for recruiting. Join our company!


  • Young applicants who want to work on the global stage.

  • Those applicants who want to involve in big projects overseas.

  • Those applicants who hold on to your dreams and strive to achieve your goals.

How to apply:

   Please send documents below.


  • Resume (with photo)

  • Certificate of expected graduation

  • Academic record

  • Medical certificate


   Address: Ms. WATARI

                 NBS Inc.   Head Office General Affairs division

                 5-10, Narayamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City,

                812-0023, Japan



   NBS Inc. Head Office General Affairs division


   tel: +081-92-263-8833    fax: +081-92-263-8811

   Mailto: info@nbskk.co.jp


Graduates with the master’s degree: JPY 206,000~ 

University graduates:   JPY 200,000 ~


Wage raise:

   Once a year



   Twice a year


Working hour:

   Week day 9:00~18:00

         (60min. lunch break)

         *Depend on work place



   Depend on work



   Five-day work a week

                (Saturday and Sunday off)

   National holidays

   124 Total holidays

   Year-end and new-year holidays (5 days)

   summer holidays (3 days)


Paid holidays:

   Max 20 days after 6 months working period



Company health insurance, unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, welfare pension



Property accumulating saving, mutual aid for retirement allowance, child-care leave, eldercare leave, reemployment system (up to 65 ) , bounty for social gathering


Programs available for skills:

English training / OJT /technical training / seminar / intercultural & language training on a WORKING HOLIDAY VISA (up to 1 year)

Recruit Information (temporary or contracted worker)

Job vacancies/Location:

  • Experienced S/V engineer in various plant construction
    (Civil engineering/construction/electrical, instrumentation, piping, installation work/ safety management)

  • Experienced engineering designer applying various plant construction
    (Electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and piping work,/civil engineering)

  •  Experienced engineer in various field of plant construction
    (Procurement/maintenance/quality control/process control etc.


Assignment area:

  • Japan
    Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba, Kanagawa, Hyogo, Yamaguchi, Fukuoka etc.

  • Overseas
    Middle East, South East Asia, South America


How to apply:

Please send listed documents.


  • Resume (with photo)

  • manuscript of professional activities

  • Medical certificate (Copy is approved / Issued within 3months)


Applicant’s mail address and self- evaluation on English proficiency are requested to fill in own resume.

If we are not able to offer the positions to applicants, the above documents will be sent back on his/her request.


   Address: NBS Inc.   Head Office Plant division 

                 5-10, Narayamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City,

                 812-0023, Japan


Place of interview:

   NBS Inc. Fukuoka Head Office or Yokohama Office


   Those who are authorized as below   (preferred)

  • First or Second- class electric work specialist

  • Third- class electric chief engineer

  • First or Second- class electric work execution managing engineer 

  • First or Second -class engineer operation and management engineer

  • First or Second -class building operation and management engineer

  • First or Second- class plumbing work operation and management engineer

  • Dealing with AutoCAD 



    Japan: JPY 350,000 ~ 800,000/month

   Overseas: JPY 550,000 ~ 1,000,000/month



   25~70 approx


Duration of Contract:

   6months ~ 3years




Company Web Site:

    Head office  General affairs division

       Tel: +081-92-263-8833    Fax: +081-92-263-8811    

       Mail: webmaster@nbskk.co.jp

Recruiting information:

    New graduates and Mid Career

                Head office  General affairs division

                Tel: +081-92-263-8833  

                Fax: +081-92-263-8811

                Mail: info@nbskk.co.jp


    Engineering personnel for plant construction,

    instrumentation, electrical and mechanical work

                Head office  Plant division

                Tel: +081-92-263-8833    

                Fax: +081-92-263-8811

                Mail: plant@nbskk.co.jp

Outsourcing services:

    Dispatch temporary worker

    Engineering specialist

                Head office  Plant division

                Tel: +081-92-263-8833  

                Fax: +081-92-263-8811

                Mail: plant@nbskk.co.jp


   Contracted work

    Engineering and instrumentation design

    used in plant facilities

                Head office  Plant division

                Tel: +081-92-263-8833  

                Fax: +081-92-263-8811

                Mail: plant@nbskk.co.jp